Dhinchak Pooja Bigg Boss 11 Wild Card Contestant !

This is shocking news for Dhinkchak Pooja fans and for Haters. Fans are Happy and Haters are Shocked. Me too. I’m the biggest hater of Dhinchak Pooja after Carry Minati 🙂 .

This is confirmed news that Dhinkchak pooja is wild card contestant in Bigg Boss 11 . The most DANGER news in 2017 given by Colors TV Show Bigg Boss season 11 . Internet sensation Dhinchak Pooja is also making wild card entry with Priyank Sharma. Pooja Jain is got fame from Dhinchak pooja Selfi mene le li aaj or Dhinkchak Pooja babu dede thoda cash song.

My question – Is Dhinkchak Pooja have a  high level or Bigg Boss 11 ‘s level goes down. Colors team have confirmed the news and the official announcement is likely to be made on Wednesday. Worst singer in world have a large haters following but this time she debut on TV with Bigg Boss season 11.

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Priyank Sharma was thrown out from show after fight with he pushed Akash Dadlani during a fight, supporting Vikas Gupta. Viewers are waiting for Priyank Sharma and they are happy to see him.

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Priyank Sharma said – “I stood for what’s right, my morals came in the way. Though, I think my reaction and action could have been better. I had just pushed the person, I had not slapped or punched the person, though I want to. Akash was teasing me and Vikas on being gay and he was making fun of the gay community which really made me angry. I will love to go back in the house because my journey was incomplete, I would love to complete it.”

What is your reaction on Dhinchak Pooja Wild Card Enrty in Bigg Boss season 11 tell us in the comment. What is the reaction of bigg boss contestants.. We also wait it…  Bigg Boss Official Twitter Account

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