Nimki Mukhiya Injured During Cycle Competition Shoot

News update coming from mumbai, where bhumika gurung AKA Nimki Mukhiya injured during shoot. She says she is recovering now. According to the source from the set of Nimki Mukhiya , while cycle sequence shooting Bhumika Gurung ride cycle as fast as she could, and she loosing her balance and falling off the cycle.

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She hurt her knees badly, and was given first aid.

Nimki Mukhiya said in a statement: “No pain, no gain. I was injured but not out. I love thrilling and adventures scenes. Such incidents happen and are a part and parcel of our career. Yes, it hurt a little, but I’m recovering now. These little injuries can never match the amount of fun I’ve had while shooting for this particular cycle competition sequence.”

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What We Think – Nimki Mukhiya show is not in the TOP 10 Trp Rating’s and they want to be more popular and news is the best way, so we think that this is a Publicity Stunt from Nimki Mukhiya ‘s team.

Ok so next time comes with some interesting news from tv and bollywood.

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