Is Asbestos Dangerous

Asbestos is widely used as siding and roofing material. Most of industries and commercial areas are made up of asbestos roof. Asbestos cement material is widely used in roofing and siding shingles. 1930s to 1950s homes are mostly made by this material. Area around wood burning is also covered by asbestos. Asbestos is also used in old stove top pads. 

Asbestos was widely used in stove, oil and coal furnaces and also in making of roofs of home. Asbestos uses are now changing, it is just only uses in industrial and commercial top roof.  Due to its durability and quality of resistance of weather harshness, asbestos is best choice for industrial use. Asbestos has many benefits on other side it also has dangerous affects. Some of its dangerous aspects are:

Tiny airborne:

Asbestos consists of tiny airborne particles; these particles can easily inhale and stick in respiratory track or in lungs. These tiny airborne causes many lungs and respiratory diseases.  It is dangerous for any person to asbestos roof removal Perth by self. A professional worker, who knows all safety measures, can remove it easily.

Removal of sheet:

Sheet of asbestos is dangerous in case of any wear and tear. Every year many people die due to asbestos sheet accident.

Non-professional people:

Non-professional and clumsy people can create harmful effects on human. Untrained crew, who does not know, how to remove asbestos, in professional way, sometimes cause danger for their self and also for surrounding.

Causes cancer:

Mostly people associate lung cancer with smoking, but asbestos also causes lung cancer. Tiny particles of asbestos stick in lungs and causes lungs diseases that include lungs cancer.

 Precautions for asbestos removal:

  • Always spray water and glue substance before removal of asbestos sheet. Reason for this spray is airborne particles stick with sheet and does not cause any respiratory and lung disease.
  • Always cover asbestos with plastic sheet to prevent any exposure weather.
  • Keep away children and any other pet from asbestos sheet.
  • Wet cleaning is better than vacuuming and dry cleaning.

Asbestos has many benefits and dangers. For avoiding any danger always adopt precautionary measures and hire any professional crew for removing of roof. Asbestos removal is not possible by self and needs professional and well-equipped crew for removal. In Perth, Australia a well-known company is providing service of removal of asbestos.

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