Types Of Blinds

Blinds have changed the look of or windows and doors. People now prefer blinds more than curtains for homes and offices. Curtains give a more luxurious and extravagant look to your room, but they are of high maintenance. Curtains need regular cleaning and also handling curtain is difficult then blinds. The blinds are a cheaper solution then curtains. But people still prefer curtains for the area where they want to give elegant look and blind are still used for utility purpose. Now, there is the number of varieties in blinds north lakes available that made possible to use curtains for every room in your home or house. The popular types of blinds are as follows; 

Vertical Blinds

This is the most common type of blinds. People prefer these blinds because this can look good for small windows or even doors. The good thing about these blonds that they can available in multiple sizes. Even they can be good for windows or door that spread from floor to ceiling. These blinds can open from side to side or from the middle.

Panel blinds

The panel blinds are used for doors or bigger windows. The panels of these blinds are bigger than usual panels of blinds and they open from one side to another. 

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are also one of the most popular types of blinds. They usually open from top to bottom. As the blinds are horizontally set on the frame that’s why they are mostly used for windows. 

Mini Blinds

Mini Blind is a subcategory of Venetian blinds. They have the same mechanism as of Venetian blinds but panels on these blinds are smaller than the original Venetian blind. They are suitable for small windows.

Roller Shade

Nowadays, these are also getting very much in use. The roller shade is like one piece of fabric that can be rolled up or down. This piece of fabric is usually opaque which make it ideal for meeting rooms or projector room.


These are the popular types of blinds, but all these can be made in different materials as per their utility. The common materials of which the blinds are made of;


The wood is the popular material for blinds. They provide the elegant look and touch of nature to the rooms. But it should be avoided in the area where humidity is high as it can damage the wood. Also, this material is quite expensive than other material like plastic or fabric


Plastic is the most used and economical material for making blinds. They are strong and durable, needs minimum maintenance


Fabric is usually used for shades. This can be used in blinds. Fabric is usually thick and opaque. Also, easy to maintain as compared to wood. But it needs periodic cleaning.